portada aguila

The eagle flies over our oldest vineyards. Almost extinct strains of Carignan and Grenache, the most precious and ours. The native, what we must care for generations. It is the philosophy of making this wine. Their age is indefinite, they were there when our grandparents cultivated them. Vines with very little production, dry and poor soil on slopes with rocky substrates, difficult to cultivate. Almost we have missing more vines of which are in production. Very late handpicked harvest in boxes, step table selection and development taking good care maceration times.


The wine comes out powerful and vital from the deposit; and we will tame it, slowly, in the oak barrel over the years, silence, darkness and affection. The eagle will fly again over our territory, proud and elegant, like this wine powerful and with broad structure, with tannins that highlight its passage in the mouth and a large aromatic repertoire. 


icono copayour senses. Like the flight of the eagle this wine is stunning and it has a powerful end. Top-flight wine.


icono uvaCariñena and Garnacha.


icono TONEL16 months in oak barrels.

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